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Coffee Cove Co.

Meet Barista & Owner Kimberly Waggoner

My name is Kimberly Waggoner, I am a wife and mother of two beautiful girls. I was born in Blue Springs, Mo and raised in Lone Jack Mo.

I have gone through many many jobs and professions. From working as a waitress, a photographer, a DJ, to a house cleaning lady. 

And even though I have learned something from each one of those jobs, I will have to say that being a barista has been the best one yet! 

When I saw the opportunity to make something of it, I took and never let that dream go. And here I am, making it happen!

I didn't make this happen all by myself though. With a lot of help from friends, family and business partners we got this cute little shop up and running!

I pray that I can continue on with this path and pass it down to my daughters one day. 

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The Beans


In 6th century Ethiopia, a goat herder named Kaldi stumbled upon his wandering flock as they sampled berries from nearby bushes. Ordinarily sluggish, his goats had an unusual amount of energy. After tasting several seeds himself, Kaldi discovered that the berries were the cause for the increased energy. It wasn’t long before coffee beans and their stimulating effect traveled far and wide.


In 1994, Kaldi’s Coffee first opened its doors in St. Louis’ DeMun neighborhood. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to creating memorable coffee experiences wherever our coffee is served.

Kaldi’s Coffee specializes in sustain-ably sourcing and roasting the finest coffees in the world. 

Life is short, so have a cup of coffee, and stay awake for it.

Contact Us

k.coffeecove@gmail.com / 816.774.8065

9502 Main Entrance Drive,

Lake Lotawana MO. 64086